A Nun Captured Texting Friends After Earthquake in Italy


This dramatic picture of an injured nun has gone viral on social media. The nun can be seen texting her family and friends after the horrific earthquake in central Italy.

The image of Albanian, Marjana Lleshi was captured by photographer of the Agenezia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA, Italy’s wire service) in Amatrice on Wednesday. The city was badly shaken by the earthquake which so far has claimed 250 lives.

Image: AP

While talking to AP, Lleshi, who was sleeping in her room at the Don Minozzi convent, which is near the Church of the Most Holy Crucifix, told how she was badly trapped under a collapsed wall.

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The nun said as that as there was no hope of survival, she began to text her friends.

“When I started losing all hope of being saved, I resigned myself to it and started sending messages to friends saying to pray for me and to pray for my soul and I said goodbye to them forever… I couldn’t send a message like this to my family because I was afraid that my father would have an emotional collapse and die hearing something like that.”

Lleshi was luckily rescued by a local man. She called him an “angel”, and then she texted her friends again, telling them that she had survived.

Image: AP

Lleshi was taken to the hospital for medical treatment, as her head injury required stitches. When she came back to her home, she wept thinking about her family.

According to AP, Lleshi was one of the seven nuns at the convent, who was taking care of  five elderly women. Three of the nuns and four of the elderly women were killed.