Pakistanis React to Mohammad Hafeez’s Performance in Pakistan vs England Test Series

Mohammad Hafeez
Mohammad Hafeez

Given his extremely poor performance, a theory suggests that Pakistani batsman, Mohammad Hafeez seems to be playing for England in this ongoing test series.

It is not just about his batting, Hafeez has been pathetic on the field as well and Pakistan cricket team fans are heartbroken because of his substandard performance.

According to some sources, when the national songs of both the teams were played at the start of the series, Mohammad Hafeez was humming God save the Queen, which shows his loyalty for the English team. People lost all their faith in him when he was dismissed after scoring just 2 runs today. Their reaction on social media shows how much they hate Mohammad Hafeez.

Some of the tweets are hilarious.

Mohammad Hafeez
One of the troll images against Mohammad Hafeez. Image: Facebook

Many are literally praying for Hafeez’s injury while others think he should be dropped from the team ASAP.

Considering that he is one of the most-experienced players of the team, the way he got dismissed shows that he definitely needs some time away from cricket and we think the team selectors should definitely give him some rest.

Mohammad Hafeez
Internet trolls shared various jokes about Mohammad Hafeez. Image Source: Facebook

Mohammad Hafeez is one of the highest earning cricketers of Pakistan, but he has been out of form for a reasonable time now and his performance outside Asia has not been impressive. So the real question is should he continue to open the innings for Pakistani team? Does he really deserve to be in the squad? Or is it the right time for Hafeez to retire?