Paris Attack: Salah Abdeslam Likely to Sue French Prosecutor!

Paris Attack
Abdeslam wanted to blow himself in the Paris attack - Image Source: AP

The suspect of the Paris attack, ‘s lawyer claims that his client is planning to take a legal action against a French prosecutor for breaching confidentiality.  

The Parisian prosecutor told reporters that Abdeslam admitted he wanted to blow himself up in the Paris attack, on 13th November, but later changed his mind. The deadly terrorist attack killed 130 people and injured many and the so-called Islamic State (IS) claimed its responsibility.

After a time period of four months, Abdeslam was arrested in Belgium, last week. Belgian authorities have charged him with the offence of terrorism. However, he has decided to fight the extradition to France, which could take up to three months.

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The Belgian lawyer of Abdeslam, Sven Mary told his client is co-operating with the authorities in the best possible way. In a news conference carried out in the French capital on Saturday, the prosecutor of Paris, Francois Molins, speaking about the statement made by Abdeslam to Belgian police said:

“He wanted to blow himself up at the Stade de France and, I quote, backed out”

He further added that people should treat the initial statement made by the 26-year-old French, with caution.

Paris Attack
Abdeslam supposedly involved in the Paris attack and taken under custody, France has increased it’s security – Image Source: Reuters

In response, Mr. Mary said he would definitely take legal action against Mr. Molins for breaching the confidentiality of the investigation process. He told Belgian Public Broadcaster RTBF that Mr. Molins’ comment in a news conference was something that he would not let go without challenging it, as it was a violation of the ethics of investigation.

Meanwhile, France is sending more troops to its border after the arrest of Abdeslam. Currently, Abdeslam is being held at a high-security jail in Belgium.