Perrie Edwards Still Feels Hesitant About Getting into a Serious Relationship!

Perrie Edwards
Perrie Edwards cannot commit to Luke Pasqualino, as she suffers from trust issues following break up with Zayn Malik.

It has been difficult for the Little Mix star Perrie Edwards to trust anyone after her split with ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik.

Unlike Zayn, who got together with Gigi Hadid within few months of his breakup with his fiancée, Perrie finds it hard to believe in another guy and start a serious relationship.

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Lately, there were news about Perrie being romantically involved with the British actor Luke Pasqualino. But a source revealed to Britain’s Look magazine that she is not ready to commit to him so soon. The source said: “Luke’s really been pursuing Perrie. But she’s been extremely burnt in the past and she’s definitely been holding off from committing too soon.”


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Perrie was really hurt after her 4-year long relationship with Zayn. They started dating each other in 2011 and were engaged in 2013. The former couple was ready to get married to each other in June 2015 but unfortunately things didn’t turn out as planned. Zayn parted ways with her over a phone call, which left her devastated.

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The insider told: “Perrie felt that when she and Zayn were together she very much gave him everything and ultimately it didn’t work. Now she’s a lot more cautious. She finds it quite hard to trust people these days.” No doubt she feels hesitant before jumping into a serious relationship.

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But in an interview with The Mirror, Perrie herself explained that she is in a good position now. She knows how to have fun and is enjoying her life. She said:“I’m having an absolute blast. We have a bit of banter with guys in nightclubs… I love it. I love going out. I’m feeling brilliant and I’m in a good place – and I’ve got new hair. I’d love to do a double date at Disneyland. That would be brilliant.”