Reasons Why You SHOULD Follow Humna Raza

Humna Raza

Humna Raza Zafeer, the begum of the House of Lolz guy Syed Muzamil Hassan Zaidi, is a lifestyle vlogger. She is a dentist by profession, you can tell that by just looking at her cute smile, and she is very active on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

Among the many people, celebrities even, who put useless stuff over their SC stories, Humna is a different sort of refreshing. So, instead of wasting your time on those makeup tutorials, food pictures and minute to minute updates of people’s pets, watch Humna talk about small things that matter most in life.

Here is why you should follow her:

1. Inspiration:

If you are looking for inspiration, she is the go-to vlogger for you. She talks about things most people ignore and that is what makes her special. Humna is always looking to spreading positive vibes and she has talked about everything in life, from studying problems to relationship problems, to individual responsibilities and keeping the spirit up. You won’t see her bashing people or giving undue criticism, instead she is all in favor of making people realize their potential.

Hi everyone! @ofbrownhuesanddarkeyes just interviewed me for her blog. If you want to check it out, please look for the link in bio! ☺ thank you for interviewing me 🙂 #Repost @ofbrownhuesanddarkeyes with @repostapp ・・・ So this was the surprise guys. I've just started a new feature "Person of the month" on my blog. And July's person of the month is @humnaraza , a vlogger. Please check out this interview to know her better. And let us know what you think about it. P.s I'm so happy that Humna is the first-ever person that I've interviewed. She's such a pretty soul! Go follow her on instagram and snapchat positivevibesol if you're not yet. You're missing on a lot, trust me! LINK IN THE BIO! #inspiration #creative #original #positivevibesonly #ofbrownhuesanddarkeyes #journalism #interview #writing #pakistanibloggers #instablogger #vlogger #snapchat #positivevibesonlyn

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2. #HumnaMuzamil Are Relationship Goals:

When she chooses to let her followers in on her personal life, we see and admire how amazing Humna and Muzamil are for each other. They are a power couple, and definitely relationship goals. Humna has this to say to her followers about getting married so early in life:


3. Beauty with Brains:

Humna Raza is a lot more than just a pretty face, but let us give her the credit she deserves. In all her posts, you just can not help but notice how beautifully she carries herself. From her hair to her shoes, we love it all.


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4. She is Interactive:

Every time she comes up with a topic, she asks for feedback from her followers. She even does Q&A sessions sometimes and will almost always reply to your text. You can give your critique and tell her new topics you would like her to talk about and she values that feedback. It’s always nice to be able to reach out to people who make a difference by just pulling on the strings of your mind and actually make you think and she sure is one of them.

5. She is friends with Momina Mustehsan:

Since everyone is simply obsessed with the gorgeous Momina, this just has to be mentioned. It’s amazing how all pretty and talented people in Pakistan just happen to know each other.


6. Interesting topics:

Here are some of the interesting topics Humna has taken up in her vlog:

Theres a lot more to dealing with #stress & #anxiety but I started out with just the simpler and basic but effective ways of stress management. #Stressful and anxiety inducing situations are something we must address consciously. Because it doesn't just affect our 'mood' but our #mind and #body in general. So do whatever you can to help yourself in a difficult time because only YOU can help yourself. Taking care of your mind is AS IMPORTANT as taking care of your body. These tips actually work, if you're regular [Speaking from experience] but this is not it. I'll be posting some follow up pictures regarding the topic so stay tuned! My most recommended tip has to be deep #breathing after #praying (best time to do it would be around Asr) – let all the bad energy out guys because remember, #PositiveVibesOnly ✌🏼️🙏🏼 #mentalhealth #stressmanagament #Positivity #PositiveVibesOnlyn #vlog

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So with all the negative vibes surrounding you and the many reasons you may have to not be happy, take some time out to appreciate this girl and the effort she puts in to give you reasons to smile, ponder on the good things in life and remember POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!

Instagram: @humnaraza

SC: positivevibesol