This Russian Daredevil’s Selfie Game is on Point!

Russian daredevil takes some really rad selfies.

Are you into traveling and doing crazy stuff while traveling? If yes, then this news is just for you! Meet Angela Nikolau, from Russia, who has a passion to travel around the world. And what makes this travel lover different from others is her love and passion for heights and heights only!

Well, the self taught photographer is high on adrenaline because when you see her pictures you will definitely hold your breath.

The girl from Russian capital, Moscow, is a pro when it comes down to taking pictures from the top of the skyscrapers and even on the edges of the tallest buildings in the world. Angela’s Instagram bio says:

‘No limit, no control’

And her pictures perfectly depict this tagline. She has 108k followers on her account!

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Following are the pictures and videos of her adventure. Note: Don’t try this.

#hongkong #rooftop #roof #selfie #girl #gimnastic #yoga #china #acrobatics

A video posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Don’t try this, you’ll probably die.

Tsing Ma bridge #hongkong #selfie #roof #rooftop

A photo posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

And yes don’t take your friends with you if you are doing something crazy like this on that height.

Spire selfie #china #rooftop #roof #tianjin

A photo posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Now this is something too crazy!



A photo posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Damn! doing yoga like this is certainly dangerous.

Yeah! It does look amazing.

#hongkong #rooftop #roof #selfie #girl #china #Гонконг #urban #beautiful #art #building #city

A photo posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

She is actually a real life spider-man.

Enjoy every moment #hongkong #girl #rooftop #roof By @beerkus

A photo posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Not the best of the places to enjoy sun.

Will you call this stupidity or just an expression of one’s passion?