Say No To Valentine’s Day: President of Pakistan

Valentine's Day
Pakistani President says Valentin'es Day should not be celebrated in the country - Image Source: AFP

The President of Pakistan has asked the people of his country to stay away from Valentine’s Day as it is against the culture, tradition and norms of the country.

Mamoon Hussain, President of Pakistan told the students that Valentine’s Day is a tradition of the West and it has been adapted from them. It is against the Muslim culture so we must avoid it. A district in the north-west of the country has banned the celebrations of the romantic day.

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The love birds in Pakistan are furious about the statement from the President. The day is quite popular in the country but it has always been denounced by the religious and extremist groups in Pakistan.

Valentine's Day
Ban imposed on Valentine’s Day celebrations in Kohat – Image Source: Kohat District Government

A district, Kohat in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has ordered the local police to stop the shops and vendors from selling things related to Valentine’s Day such as cards and flowers. The district of Kohat is governed by a religious party and it shares a border with tribal areas.

The capital of (KP) Peshawar’s local government has also passed a resolution to ban the Valentine’s Day celebrations calling it as a ‘useless day’. Talking to the BBC Urdu, the administrator of Kohat, Maulana Niaz Muhammad said: “Valentine’s Day has no legal grounds, and secondly it is against our religion, therefore it was banned.”

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There was unconfirmed news circulating from Pakistan’s Federal Government this week that Valentine’s Day celebrations had been banned in the federal capital, Islamabad, but it was denied by the Government.

Valentine’s Day has always been faced with hatred from the religious groups in Pakistan. In the past, this day was declared as the day to be ‘shameless’. The day is not liked by the Hindu groups in the neighboring India either, as they say that it contradicts with the Indian culture.