Selena Gomez Records Her Cover of Justin Bieber and DJ Snake’s Song ‘Let me Love you’

Justin and Selena from when they were together.

Fans got excited for a Bieber/Gomez duet when they heard Selena Gomez’s version of Justin Bieber and DJ Snake’s new song ‘Let me Love you’. But shortly after the whole Instagram drama happened which led to Bieber ignoring Selena’s calls, out went their fans’ dreams of seeing the two collaborating for a song.

A Snapchat video features Gomez grinning while she plays back a recording of the song initially released on DJ Snake’s album featuring Bieber. However, the Latina shared the video before its release. The video was short that it’s hard to tell apart the vocals from the original, but there’s no uncertainty it’s the same song.

But guess what, there is a closeted version of the DJ Snake collaboration that features Selena. The Selena Gomez Updates account on Twitter shared a video from DJ Snake’s Snapchat, and you’ll be shocked to hear the songstress singing Bieber’s part. Especially so soon after all this drama!!

It’s an absolute mystery whether the Canadian singer and the Wizards of Waverly place actor had recorded different versions of the same song with DJ Snake at some point.

The 24-year-old singer’s cover of the song may be unfinished and completely her own, but until she officially releases it, it’s just going to be considered another social media post causing distress for Bieber, and God knows what he is going to delete this time.

Justin Bieber

As of now, Jelena fans have a thousand questions dominating their heads. Is Selena’s cover of ‘Let Me Love You’ an entirely different version?? Could it have been a duet with Justin Bieber? Neither one of the exes have confirmed or denied anything as of now.

It’s been a while since we last saw Jelena together. However, from the intense Instagram feud to her Snapchat footage of herself singing “Let Me Love You”, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez just keep getting caught in the middle of making headlines together.