Simon Cowell Feels Betrayed Following News of Zayn Malik Working with Dick Wolf in His Tv Series “Boys”

Zayn malik
Simon Cowell is not happy with Zayn Malik for working with Dick Wolf.

Recently, it was revealed that the former One Direction star Zayn Malik will be working with Dick Wolf for a new TV series ‘Boys’. This decision of Zayn’s has made Simon Cowell very angry.

Though the news of Simon being upset with one of the 1D boys doesn’t come as a shocker. It’s almost like he has adopted this habit of bashing the boys for choosing to live their lives according to their own will.

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Just recently, Simon revealed his disapproval of Niall Horan’s decision about signing a deal for his solo album with a rival label Universal . He even called Liam Payne “disloyal” for signing a contract with Capitol Records for his debut album. It seems like the X Factor judge simply cannot let the boys take decisions about themselves without consulting him first.


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In an interview, Simon became infuriated when he heard about Zayn’s new project and said: “Nothing surprises me any more. I think he should have come to me with it, if I’m being honest with you. I do actually believe that when they’ve got these ideas – bearing in mind where we started – they should actually come to me.”

Simon’s reaction may have something to do with the fact that he helped the band by signing them to his label SYCO. And now he believes they owe him everything.

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I guess, instead of insulting them every other day, Simon must behave like an adult and give the boys his blessings with whatever they are upto.

Talking about Zayn, he will be the executive producer of the TV series ‘Boys’ which is inspired by One Direction. It will revolve around the lives of boys who earned fame in a very little time. It was also revealed that the series includes many personal experiences from Zayn’s life.

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Zayn explained: “Dick Wolf is a legend and the opportunity to work with him and NBC to create a compelling drama series is awesome.”

In addition to this, Wolf’s wife, Noelle Wolf, added: “Zayn certainly brings an authentic point of view to this world where kids are catapulted into fame.”