Simon Cowell Has Not Yet Watched The Trailer Of Harry Styles Debut Movie “Dunkirk”

Harry Styles
Simon Cowell has not yet watched Harry Styles' movie Dunkirk's trailer.

The music mogul, Simon Cowell, has claimed last night that he has not yet watched the trailer of Dunkirk! The movie which features the handsome hunk of One Direction Harry Styles.

As we all know that Simon has been the one who helped in the formation One Direction in 2010. He has since been arguing that all the boys of the band must tell him everything that they are planning to do. He believes that they owe him their lives probably.

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Anyway, there is no doubt that Simon has many contacts not just in UK but also in America. He knows many famous people.

He has also heard about the acting skills of Harry through some of his friends. He told in the interview that Harry has performed incredibly in the movie. Simon said:

“I haven’t seen it yet. I heard he’s amazing in it. I know people who worked on the movie, and he is incredible apparently. He’ll do well, and he’s a great guy.”

Hiiiiii Mexicoooo

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But what Harry’s fans are really confused about is that would he focus more on his acting career or the singing career? As there were rumors that he has signed a deal to release his solo album soon enough.

Some believe that he might do both. Whenever he’d get a good opportunity in film industry he’d choose that and simultaneously would work on his album.

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But they are not sure yet. They are also waiting desperately for the occasion when the boy band would get back together. Though many experts have claimed that their hiatus is permanent and that it is highly unlikely that they would work together in coming future. But their fans would not believe until they hear it from the band mates themselves.

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Even Simon Cowell claimed that the boys would not work with each other for almost next 10 years.

Maybe he heard it directly from a member of the band or it could be his own analysis given the time he has spent with the boys.