Singapore: Cheaters have ruined Pokémon Go for many, leaving them feeling dejected

Pokémon Go

The top ranking game Pokémon Go has become the most favorite time pass of people nowadays. As it was released in just some parts of the world, several other countries were waiting desperately for its arrival.

On Saturday, the much awaited game was finally released in Singapore. People became excited and started downloading the game as soon as they saw it in their play stores. But they were left disappointed because there were many “cheaters” already playing the game. They ruined everyone’s excitement as many have already reached levels 30 or more. Over 2000 CP powerful Pokémon have been taken away by these people.

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It’s no surprise how these “cheaters” got access to the game. They have been playing the game by changing their location from their cell phones. Looking at their achievements, it’s certain that they started playing the game in the past month itself.

It was reported that these people must have been using the GPS spoofing software, to change their location. The software shows that the person is currently in some other country, thus giving them access to the game.

The software made it easy for these people to obtain Pokémon by moving around within the game,without anyone’s knowledge. It gave them an edge that they didn’t have to travel around like others to catch Pokémon.

They could easily check the map of another country and utilize it in their own country. If this matter is raised by people, it might get the game banned in the country for good. As cheating is against the policy ascertained by Niantic.

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People in Singapore have shown how sad they were due to these cheaters. But as we know that the game has just launched in the country, many new players would be seen rushing in different to catch a Pokémon. The police of Singapore has issued commandments on Facebook following the release of the game.