Snapchat Adds New Altitude Filter!

Snapchat has recently introduced 'Altitude filter'.

Snapchat is famous for bringing new things time to time. And this time around, the company has introduced an amazing filter that the users are enjoying a lot!

This one is for all those snapchatters out there who absolutely love to travel. Your experience of airplane snaps is just going to get more amazing now. The company has recently launched the new ‘altitude filter’. And this new filter joins the list of temperature, speed, battery and time filter that Snapchat offers.

You can find this new filter by simply swapping. The altitude filters, like others, will be based on your location.

Image: Snapchat

We hope you know that you can only add filters like these one at a time in an image. Yes, you can add up to three filters to any single image but you can only use one of the each type i.e color, dynamic filters and geofilters.

The altitude filter works same as the speed filter and it taps into the sensor date of your smartphone. iPhone and almost all the Android smartphones are equipped with this altimeter sensor.

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Without wasting anytime, a lot of people who got the new filter have already started using the filter on their journeys. So, for all those picture holics, it’s time for you to show the world the height you are at. This new filter has already become many people’s favorite filter and they are thanking the company for this creative idea.

The new filter is all set to roll out for the users around the world. If you don’t find the filter, check if is your Snapchat app needs updating or not.