Snapchat is All Set to Grow Bigger!


It’s like there is no stopping Snapchat. The company is growing rapidly and according to several reports, the coming years will prove to be great for it.

The messaging company is all set to see a gain in its number specially in the US market, suggests a report from the market research firm eMarkerter.

According to the tech giant, it has about 150 million daily users across the globe. We still don’t know how many of them are from the US as the company didn’t disclose the numbers, but according to eMarketer, the app has had about 58.6 million monthly users in the US so far this year.

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The reports from the company suggests that the numbers are expected to grow on a large scale. According to the firm, Snapchat will see 27.2 percent increase in user growth this year and it will grow another 13.6 percent next year.

The report further says that the growth will be stabilized by 2018 with “single-digit” increases as “the Snapchat audience is expected to be substantially larger than it is today.” Well, indeed it’s a huge growth for a company which is already outshining a company like Twitter and other big companies.

Image: eMarketer

Snapchat has always been accused of being an app for teenagers only, but according to the report, the company will grow its popularity among the older users as well. The app’s US base is about 70 percent millennials at the moment and it is all set to go down to 56 percent by the end of 2020.

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The news is good so far for Snapchat but the company has still to prove that it can reliably make a lot of money. At the moment, it makes a bulk of revenue from advertising.