Spain: Highway Bus Crash Kills 13 Students, Injures 30!

A bus crash killed 13 students in Spain - Image Source: EPA

On Sunday, a bus filled with students crashed on a highway, in northeastern Spain. The bus crash killed 13 and injured about 30 students, as it was on its way back from the largest firework festival of Spain. 

The regional spokesperson of the government, Jordi Jane, first made the statement that 14 students died in a tragic bus crash, but the interior minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, later confirmed that total casualty count was 13. He also said 28 passengers were treated at a local medical facility while others received the first aid facility at the crash site.

Jane, a spokesperson for Spain’s northeastern Catalonia Province confirmed that the bus was carrying 57 passengers. Talking about the tragic incident he said, the bus appeared to slam the right-hand side barriers of the highway, before cartwheeling across the road and hitting the central fence, landing on the side.

Bus accident killed exchange program students in Spain – Image Source: EPA

The television footage from the state broadcaster TVE also showed that the bus hit an incoming car, from the other side of the road.

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The bus driver was taken to the police station, in the city of Tortosa, after the incident. Jane also said that investigations are underway to find the reason for the bus crash as the road conditions were fine at the time of the accident. The bus driver successfully passed the drug and alcohol test, Fernandez Diaz confirmed.

Emergency workers arrived after the incident, to clear the wreckage from the main road that connects Spain with France. The accident took place near the central point between Valencia and Barcelona.

The ministry revealed that the students belonged to various nationalities including Spain and were majorly from two universities in Barcelona. They were part of the Erasmus exchange program and had travelled to take part in the famous Fallas fireworks festival and were on their way back when the bus crashed.