The Reality inside Syria!

The reality inside Syria.
[WARNING: Graphic content. May be disturbing for some readers.]

First it was Aylan and now Omran. It’s getting tedious, to say the least.

Yet again, a picture is captured of an innocent Syrian child that has lost everything- a journalist sheds a couple of tears and suddenly it captures the West’s attention. The world suddenly wakes up from their bubble, that everything in the world is fine, and remember there is a daily genocide happening in Syria!

But you only cry over 1 child? Don’t you realize that Syria has lost a minimum of 45,000 children. Totaling 470,000 death of innocent civilians in the last 5 years! You cry for the Syrian people but you don’t realize Syrians have ran out of tears. They’ve lost their homes, families and friends. Everything they once knew is gone.

5-year-old boy, Omran Daqneesh, sits motionless. Image: AMC

The genocide in Syria has never stopped. Airstrikes occur everyday and civilians are dying in the thousands. Expressing outrage alone over an individual like Omran, who now symbolizes the horrors of war in Syria simply isn’t enough. Omran may have survived, but many didn’t that day including his brother.

Omran’s older brother, Ali, suffered in the same airstrike. Ali, 10, was out on the street when a Syrian regime bomb fell on his family’s building in Aleppo. While the rest of his family suffered minor injuries as their flat collapsed around them, Ali was fully exposed to the bomb and died in hospital!

Omran Daqneesh’s brother, Ali, died in hospital. Image:

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As Omran filled our TV screens and became the ‘symbol’ for Syria’s suffering, Ali’s life symbolizes the reality of what’s truly happening in Syria. Children are losing their lives before they even get the chance to live it, whilst the world looks away. Ali can now be counted among every other Syrian child that has been ignored over these last 5 years. The Syrian children who are being killed and injured everyday but whose photographs do not go viral and whose names do not make it to the news.

The Syrian people are being given two options: Either being washed up on the shores of Europe or die in their own country. Could you choose? Could you make that decision for your family?

Syrian refugees in Europe. Image: somathread.ning

It breaks me as a young Syrian to see my country go from the 4th safest country in the world, to the most dangerous! Syria was so culturally and religiously diverse and known for its beauty and the hospitality of its people. The only thing missing was their freedom of speech and democracy, but now they are being ignored and paying the non-negotiable cost of freedom.

Millions are internally displaced in Syria, over 6 million are scattered around the world and nearly half a million have died.

Why do we always need a photograph of an injured or dead Syrian child to remind us to care that people are dying? In the last week alone at least 450 civilians have been killed and 600 injured in heavy Assad regime and Russian airstrikes across Syria but only 1 child’s story was covered on the news. Why?

Aylan Kurdi
Aylan Kurdi, drowned Syrian refugee child. Image: Reuters

What is happening in Syria is not a civil war. It’s a genocide! Daily terror attacks on defenseless civilians by Assad and Putin. If you chose to ignore the fact that Assad and Russia are committing these crimes in Syria then just please stop pretending you care. It’s time for the UN to do their job and serve their purpose, which is to end and prevent conflict and to find diplomatic solutions.

How many more people have to die before the UN put an end to Syria’s pain? The Syrian people have suffered for far too long!

I guess for the rest of the world it’s easy to turn away from what is happening in Syria but for the Syrian people they can’t escape their own reality. The sad truth is that Omran is nothing but a trending hashtag that will soon fade away from social media, just as easily as he came into it. Omran was not the first child to suffer as a consequence in Syria and he won’t be the last.

Unfortunately selective sympathy won’t save Syria and until the world realizes it- Syria and its people will continue to suffer.

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