This London Street Artist Paints a Heart-Wrenching Tribute to the Syrian Child!

Omran Dagneesh
London street artist paints a heart-wrenching tribute to Omran Dagneesh.

This news is indeed something to read for today. We hope you guys remember Omran Dagneesh, the boy who made it to the headlines everywhere in the world after getting seriously injured in Aleppo, Syria!

The photographs of him, covered in blood and dust while sitting silently wiping off the blood from his face, broke the heart of millions!

A street artist in the capital of England, London, painted the image of the five-year-old boy to raise awareness about the consequences of war.

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The artist, Pegasus, is a famous painter from the UK who has been in the limelight for his known paintings about the world issues. He completed the work on the Syrian child on Tuesday at King’s Cross in London.

Syrian Child
Painting of Omran Dagneesh. Image: Pegasus

Talking to a website Pegasus said:

“When I first saw the images and footage of Omran it broke my heart and I felt compelled to help bring awareness to the devastating consequences of war. I decided to use the image of Omran to address the fact that the innocent and vulnerable are usually the most likely victims of war.” 

According to Pegasus it took him three days to complete the work on the painting of this Syrian child. He said that he is speaking to a number of charities in order to help Syrian children and to send them aid.

Syrian Child
Image: Pegasus

Pegasus further said:

“Once I have spoken with each and have made my decision, I intend [to release] the image as a limited edition print with all proceeds going to the chosen organization.”

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Last year Aylan Kurdi made it to the Global headlines when he was pictured dead on the shores and this time Omran is all over the media.

Syria has been destroyed by the ongoing civil war. And the full horror of human tragedy is being unfolded right infront of us then why aren’t we doing enough to save these innocent lives?