This Portuguese Kid Comforted a French Fan After Euro 2016 Final in The Most Adorable Manner!

Euro 2016
Image Source: twitter//@mdastorcidas

Euro 2016 was a tournament which lasted for a month but it was full of adventure.

In the end, Portugal won the final defeating the home team, France, by 1-0 in the extra time. Talking about the competition, it kicked-off in style but there were few dark sides to the tournament. There were many reports of violence during the tournament and sadly it ended in the same way.

On Sunday, there were violent clashes between the French police and hooligans near the Euro Fan Zone that was near the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Police had to use teargas to disperse the crowd. There were about 100,000 French fans in the Fan Zone to support their national team against Portugal.

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The tournament started with clashes between the English and Russian fans in the French city of Marseille. Both of the teams were warned of expulsion from the competition.

euro 2016
Image: AP

The tournament ended in a dramatic way as Portugal star and Captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, left the pitch after he got injured in the early stage of the game. Then there was this Ronaldo moth that went viral over the social media world and even made the headlines of the top newspaper.

In the end, Portugal clinched their first major title after Eder scored the goal in extra time. It was a heart breaking moment for the French supporters. There were tears and hugs all over the stadium and outside everywhere in the country.


This kid in Portugal has done something that French people will remember for a long period of time. The kid hugged the French Fan, who was devastated after the match.

The video taken by Euronews was shot after France lost to Portugal. The boy hugged and pat the French guy, who was in tears before he walked away. Now this is something we call the spirit of sports. Indeed it was the cutest moment of Euro 2016.

Here is the video: