Thug Women in Town: Men Must Beware of These Fraudulent Schemes

Thug Women in Tow

To all the kinky men who can not hold back when looking at pretty girls and specially those who can not say ‘no’ to random girls asking favors from them, this one’s for YOU GUYS!

The old alien tactic where girls use woman power to get help from men or to deceive them, has entered the conservative state of Pakistan. Recently, cases have been registered where women ploy men to either rob them, kidnap them or blackmail them.

It has just been three days when a girl (reported to have been dressed like a girl but a transgender in real) tried to rob a wealthy guy at an ATM in Islamabad and when he refused to handover the cash to her, she took off her shirt and started shouting and accused the man for a rape attempt.

The topless she-male bluntly roamed around the market and gave a final shot to her plan by fleeing away with the poor guy’s Mercedes with the help of another partner.

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Topless girl
A girl goes topless in the market of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Even if it was a transgender, it is fair enough to state that she played the gender norm to get all the attention in public.

Another case hints of women trying to kidnap men by asking for lifts.

It has been reported that a woman in Rawalpindi stopped a middle-aged man at a signal and asked to drop her off at a nearby market. When she hopped in the car, she casually started talking to him and told him to drive till a far off stop because she didn’t have money to take a cab or anything.

As soon as the man drove a little away from the rush, she took out a gun and pointed it at him. She forced him to drive outside the city, where her partners approached the car and kidnapped the man.

Man kidnapped by a woman’s cheap scheme.

He was tortured and kept hostage for a month and was let free after his family paid a huge amount of ransom.

Another very surprising story links to the house maids who blackmail the house owners to lend them money or give them favors.

A maid from Karachi asked the owner of the house, where she used to work, to give him Rupees 50,000 for some unusual need. He being a decent middle-class man said he could not afford to give her any debt. After hearing the refusal twice, the woman opted for this cheap scheme of shouting that he made an attempt to rape her and that he was being a pervert since many days.

Fraud women
A maid in Karachi blackmailed the house owner and blamed him for a rape attempt.

When the story was out, the man convinced his family that she was lying but as she had put his repute in the society at stake, he agreed to pay her the money and the maid left the house.

Well, using the victim card of being a woman is completely immoral and the time has come when we all need to accept the harsh truth and restore some ethos in our society before this squad of thugs takes over!

At one hand, there are innocent women who face harassment issues but never build up the courage to speak about them and there are women who out of the blue are being stabbed by groups of terrorists and are just paying the price of their gender, on the other hand, these mugger women are bringing shame to the society and making it hard for people to trust those who are actually in need of help.

There’s never been a dearth of respectable women in our society; these fraudsters can not assuage the power of all the well-bred women.