Oh Sweet Nostalgia: Celebrating 5 Years of One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

One Direction
Celebrating 5 Years of One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

We’re always looking for reasons to celebrate when it comes down to One Direction and today the band’s famous song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ turns 5!

It seems like only yesterday when the world saw 5 young boys singing and dancing to their own beats on a beautiful white sand beach as they stepped in the world of fame for the very first time. But it’s been five years since we first witnessed Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan make a debut in their career and in our lives.

One Direction
To the scandal-free days of One Direction.
Image: playbuzz.com

We couldn’t help but notice the transition every boy had gone thorough in these years, beginning from their early days to now when they’re independent following the hiatus.

The very casual attire, shabbily done hair, Niall Horan’s teeth before his braces and the almost unrecognizable Liam Payne!

Another thing we remember about the video is the wave of utter jealousy that went through every female Directioner when Madison McMilline had the lens on her while she did the hair flip and romanced with Harry Styles.

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One Direction
Madison McMillin turned out to be so multi talented.
Source: eonline

I mean what did she do to get so much screen time? Not on!

Madison McMillin who nearly made us whimper out of envy when Harry Styles nuzzled her nose and almost kissed her, is now an ‘aspiring actress’ as per her twitter profile. She is also an interior designer along with being the owner of a women clothing store in new Albany. Woah! That’s what we would call truly multi talented.

One Direction with their mentor Simon Cowell. Image: Rollingstones
One Direction with their mentor Simon Cowell. Image: Rollingstones

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As this day marks the 5 years of the band boys’ WMYB, the writer of this song, Savan Kotecha also tweeted about Harry Styles first reaction after he had gone through the lyrics.

Sigh! How we wish the hiatus had never happened and we would still be seeing all of them together. Well, at least we have their solo albums to look forward to while we secretly pray for a patch up.