This Town in Australia Has No Hairdresser!

Image: Getty Images

Can you imagine that there is a place in a country like Australia which is without a hairdresser?

Well, yeah there is a town in the land down under, where people have to travel a lot just to get their hair cut.

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A town named Blackall, in the state of Queensland, has no one who knows how to cut hair. This was an obvious shocker to the Mayor of the town, Andrew Martin, and so he took to the Internet and attempted at solving the problem for his people.

Mayor of Blackall, Australia, Andrew Martin’s Facebook Post – Image Source: Facebook

The Mayor decided to call potential hairdressers through the Internet to work in his town. At the moment, the people of Blackall have to travel about more than 100 kilometers to the nearest town of Tambo, where there is an access to hairdressing.

The mayor told ABC News: “I mean it’s a pretty basic requirement, haircuts and hairdos. Kids need haircuts, the ladies need their hair done, even me, I need a buzz cut every now and then. It’s an essential service and I’m just amazed that we’ve found ourselves without one.”

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The Internet has played its part, and the Mayor has received a lot of proposals from potential hairdressers. A decision has yet to be taken as the council in the town is “very keen” to step up and help this all-important issue of hairdressing in the town.

Well, here at Cambiar, we are calling out to all the hairdressers living in Australia, if you are good with scissors, then Blackall is the place to go. Hurry up, grab your tools and give it a go before someone else takes advantage of this opportunity.