Turkey’s Government Holds YPG Responsible for Ankara Attack!

Turkey's President called on the US to end its co-operation with the YPG - Image Source: www.aljazeera.com

A bomb blast in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara, killed 28 people on Thursday. The Turkish government has said that YPG linked with Syria’s PKK is responsible for the attack. Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had asked other nations to decide whose side are they on.

In his speech, he called on the US and other countries to recognize YPG in Syria as a terrorist organization, and join hands with Turkey to fight against them. He claimed that the suicide bomber was a Syrian Kurd, who was associated with YPG. He also mentioned that 9 other people who were involved in this attack have been arrested.

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Davutoglu continued: “We cannot continue to accept these dual standards. We are looking forward to a uniform stance against them [YPG]. We call on all the countries to take a clear stance against those terrorist organisations…either stand by the side of Turkey as a state or take side with terrorists.”

Turkey blames Syrian Kurdish fighters for Ankara attack. Image Source: www.globalpost.com
Turkey blames Syrian Kurdish fighters for Ankara attack – Image Source: www.globalpost.com

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, condemned the attack and said our forces will investigate the matter to provide evidence against YPG. He mentioned that air strikes were carried out by Turkish jet fighters which killed 70 PKK members in northern Iraq.

Emergency workers help an injured person on the ground near the blast site in Ankara. Image Source: www.straitstimes.com
Emergency workers help an injured person on the ground near the blast site in Ankara – Image Source: www.straitstimes.com

On the other hand, YPG has denied any involvement in the Ankara attack. They released a statement: “Despite all the provocations and attacks by the Turkish army on the border of Rojava [Syrian Kurdish area] we have not responded and acted in a historic responsible manner. “

“We have conducted no military attack and the ones who know it the best are the Turkish army and AKP government.”

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Turkish government believes that YPG is helping PKK, in fighting against their armed men, in the Kurdish minority areas within the country. Turkey fears that if YPG succeeds in taking over a territory near its southern border, there will be political unrest in the country. The Kurdish minorities in Turkey have always wanted their own separate country.

The Turkish prime minister also claimed that it is YPG who is helping Bashar Al Assad’s army in fighting against the Syrian opposition parties, whom Turkey supports. It was not the first time that the country was under attack, it was previously targetted by PKK and ISIS.