Zayn Malik Remains Unable to Overcome His Anxiety and Stage Fright

Zayn malik
Zayn malik has admitted he is struggling with anxiety - Image: Getty

PillowTalk hit maker, Zayn Malik, could miss out on almost  £100 million of his career if he doesn’t overcome his crippling stage fright soon, says new analysis.

Zayn Malik is still battling the worst anxiety of his career; it keeps him from touring around the world and performing live in front of his countless fans. Due to his depression and fright surrounding performing alone in front of a crowd, the star even cancelled his live performance at Capital’s Summertime Ball back in June.

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Gigi Hadid’s beau is still facing the same issues with live performances and reportedly feels more comfortable in the studios. The ex 1D lad is threatening his own career; he’s unable to overcome the panic attacks that have gotten the best of him since quite some time now.

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Zayn earlier planned to go down the road for a world tour and perform his super hit solo album, ‘Mind of Mine’. However, due to the anxiety issues, the tour was rescheduled from 2016 to 2017. Looking at his current situation and zero concerts despite him making new music, it doesn’t look like the situation will improve anytime soon.


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An insider told dailystar“Zayn is still really struggling with his anxiety. The thought of going on a full world tour fills him with dread. Even a one-off TV appearance is unlikely at the moment. Zayn has been working hard to get control of his fears and obviously wants to perform live.”

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Meanwhile, it is also said that the star has been facing a lot of pressure but he doesn’t want to let his fans down by announcing his touring dates and then cancelling them. He’s doing his best to overcome this phase, but anxiety has always haunted him and it will take time to fight it off now that it has taken a toll.

Well, we’ve all been there. We wish Zayn Malik the best of luck!