Zayn Malik Wants to Hire a Full-Time Bodyguard for Girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, after Milan Attack

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik made a public display of love for Gigi Hadid - Image: Getty Image

PillowTalk singer, Zayn Malik, is concerned about his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s personal security after she was man-handled by a stranger!

Gigi was recently picked up by an unknown man after leaving Max Mara show in Italy. Now the worried beau wants his girl to have a full time bodyguard. Not just that; Zayn is willing to pay a fortune for it too as he wants his girl to be safe.

Super model and blonde fashionista, Gigi Hadid, rocked Max Mara show with sister Bella Hadid yesterday. The two sisters were taking selfies with fans after leaving Milan show when a crazy self-proclaimed celebrity prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, suddenly came from behind and picked Gigi up.

The supermodel lashed out at the prankster and defended herself using her elbows and fists. He dropped Gigi and ran away before security could get a hold of him. Gigi then instructed all the girl fans on social media with a power message to learn defending themselves from such idiots.

Zayn’s girl also warned the prankster to consider himself lucky as her beau, Zayn Malik, wasn’t there, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to run away like that. It is claimed that Zayn has been horrified after the Milan attack and is very worried about Gigi’s security. He wants her to have a permanent bodyguard rather than different security teams changing from city to city, so that incidents like Milan attack don’t happen ever again.

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A source has told

“Zayn is ultra protective of Gigi, so when he found out what happened in Milan, he of course was outraged. He wants her to have a full time bodyguard and says he will pay for it. He never, ever wants Gigi’s safety to be at risk again.”

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Understandably, Zayn Malik is very concerned about her well-being and wants to ensure her safety as she travels a lot with her red-hot modelling career!